apple cider vs apple juice

Differences Between Apple Cider Vs Apple Juice

Ever wondered what sets apple cider apart from apple juice? Both drinks come from the same fruit, but their tastes, production processes, and uses are worlds apart. Apple cider is typically less filtered with a stronger, more robust flavor, that is often associated with fall and festive activities. On the other hand, apple juice is … Read more

what vegetables should not be juiced

What Vegetables Should Not Be Juiced?

Juicing is a fantastic way to pack in your daily dose of nutrients. But did you know that not all veggies are ideal for this purpose? While it’s tempting to toss every type of vegetable into your juicer, some simply don’t make the cut. They can lead to unpleasant tastes, poor juice yield, or even … Read more

beet root juice

How To Make Beetroot Juice in a Mixer

We’ve all heard about the incredible health benefits of beetroot juice. It’s a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that can boost your immunity, lower blood pressure, and even improve athletic performance. With just a few simple steps, you’ll learn how to make beetroot juice in a mixer and be sipping on this nutritious, vibrant drink … Read more

food dehydrator fruit

What Is A Food Dehydrator Used For?

Ever wondered how to make your own dried fruits, jerky, or herbs at home? A food dehydrator is a handy appliance and game-changer for food preservation, enabling us to dry out various foods at a low temperature. A dehydrator works by removing water from food, extending the shelf life of foods dramatically and your ticket … Read more

water ionizer benefits

Health-Boosting Water Ionizer Benefits

Ever wondered why there’s so much buzz around water ionizers? Water ionizers can transform your tap water into alkaline, antioxidant-rich water. This isn’t just about quenching your thirst. It’s about boosting your health in ways you might not have imagined. We’ve got plenty of insights to share about the benefits of water ionizers. It’s time … Read more

fasting smoothies

A Guide to Fasting Smoothies

We’ve all heard about the powerful benefits of fasting. But let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to stick to. What if we told you there’s a delicious way to make fasting more enjoyable and even more effective? Fasting smoothies are nutrient-packed beverages that are designed to nourish your body while keeping you in a … Read more

oxymel featured

Health Benefits of Oxymel

Ever wondered what’s been used for centuries to soothe sore throats, calm coughs, and promote overall wellness? It’s oxymel, a simple yet powerful concoction of vinegar and honey. This age-old remedy is making a comeback, as it has been a go-to for those seeking natural relief from various ailments. We’ll explore its history, benefits, how … Read more

cold press juicer

A Masticating Juicer vs Cold Press

A juicer is a device used in the kitchen to extract juice from fruits, vegetables, and greens. However, finding the right juicer is not as simple as it may appear. An online search will quickly show a variety of juicers, each with its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. For newcomers, the wide array of choices … Read more

cold pressed benefits

Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

The benefits of cold-pressed juice include its high nutrient content and its ability to preserve the natural flavors and vitamins of fruits and vegetables, thanks to a process that avoids heating or oxidizing the produce. This method ensures that every sip is packed with the maximum possible nutritional value, making cold-pressed juice a potent addition … Read more

juicing energize

Juicing for Energy : Vitalize Morning Routines

Juicing for energy offers a natural and delicious method to enhance vitality, moving beyond the sluggish moments that often plague our days. It stands as a lifestyle choice with scientific backing, providing a direct source of essential vitamins and minerals. This exploration into juicing reveals its numerous benefits, dispels common myths, and introduces energizing recipes … Read more